The Trusts Registration Service Deadline…

Posted on 22nd Feb 2018

The Trust Register Deadline  - 5th March 2018 In order to comply with EU legislation, notwithstanding Brexit, the government enacted legislation on 26 June to ensure that the UK is compliant with the Fourth Money Laundering Directive. This legislation was aimed specifically at the creation...[more]

Risks of Interest-Only Mortgages

Posted on 21st Feb 2018

Understanding the Risks of Interest-Only Mortgages Interest-only mortgages have been dominating the headlines over the past seven days, which makes it important to separate fact from fiction. If you’re one of the 1.67 million people - or nearly one in five mortgage customers in the...[more]

Automatic Enrolment - Ongoing Pension Duties…

Posted on 5th Feb 2018

Automatic Enrolment  The legislation surrounding automatic enrolment in workplace pensions has now been in effect for five years. The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has just won its first criminal prosecution against an employer for not providing a workplace pension scheme. Legal obligations have now been met...[more]

Tips: Avoid Scams over the Festive…

Posted on 21st Dec 2017

Tips: Avoid Scams over Festive Season - PDF Version[more]

Critical Illness Cover - Sole Traders

Posted on 8th Dec 2017

The overwhelming majority of self-employed workers have no critical illness cover, leaving them open to financial ruin in the event of long-term sick leave. Scottish Widows polled 5,077 individuals and found 93% of Britain's 4.8 million-strong self-employed workforce has no critical illness cover. 76% of...[more]

Bank of England Base Rate Change…

Posted on 24th Nov 2017

Applying the change in the Bank of England Base Rate from 0.25% to 0.5% to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Using the Late Payment Act we assist clients recovering debts, the Late Payment Act also allows the addition of reasonable costs...[more]

The Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

Posted on 15th Sep 2017

THE COMMON REPORTING STANDARDS (CRS) What is the CRS? The CRS is an international agreement designed to help combat tax evasion by automatically exchanging bank account (and other financial assets) information with the tax authority in the country where the owner of the account is...[more]

Automatic Pension – Three Year Re-Enrolment

Posted on 4th Sep 2017

We are now at the stage where the majority of qualifying businesses in the United Kingdom have had their staging dates for the auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme. Companies that are still to have their staging dates are those that are counted as ‘new employers’ –...[more]

Dividend Tax Changes - Do You…

Posted on 23rd Aug 2017

Dividend Tax Changes – Do You Need To File a Tax Return? Historically, dividends paid to UK taxpayers have benefitted from a tax credit, which has meant that the tax payers who would not be higher rate tax payers would face no additional tax liability...[more]

Simmons Gainsford raises money for Chailey…

Posted on 11th Aug 2017

Simmons Gainsford raises money for Chailey Heritage Foundation Simmons Gainsford has proudly been raising money for Chailey Heritage Foundation and over the past year through initiatives such as quiz nights and sporting events. In July, Simmons Gainsford’s office in Uckfield along with Neva Consultants, held...[more]

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