Simmons Gainsford Financial Services Investment Review March 2015

Investment Review - March 2015

Posted on 3rd Mar 2015

February was another lively month with a good deal of positive news on economics and politics which took equity markets broadly higher, although as before a number of risks remain. In the key countries of Ukraine and Greece there has been a welcome degree of...[more]

"The most radical changes to pensions…

Posted on 15th Feb 2015

The end of the tax year is fast approaching and some major, important changes are due to take place regarding pensions. The new pension rules have been designed to give savers greater control and flexibility over their money going into retirement. Do you know what...[more]

Financial Services Newsletter - February 2015

Posted on 10th Feb 2015

Tax year-end planning Pension planning The Annual Allowance for pension contributions is now £40,000, though to the extent that this has not been used it can be carried forward for up to three years. Currently, contributions qualify for tax relief at the investor’s highest marginal...[more]

Investment Review - February 2015

Posted on 3rd Feb 2015

January was an extraordinarily eventful month: the Greeks voted against austerity, the European Central Bank launched a massive programme to purchase bonds, the Swiss National Bank removed its currency peg, the price of oil fell further, the Saudi king died and there were surprise interest...[more]

Investment Review - January 2015

Posted on 15th Jan 2015

Markets had a mixed month in December, a feature for much of 2014, and missed out on an anticipated ‘Santa rally’ in the run-up to the end of the year in spite of a further fall in the price of oil, disruptive but broadly positive,...[more]

Tax Relief for Payments Made Under…

Posted on 1st Nov 2012

There has been a very helpful case regarding tax relief for payments made under a guarantee. The case, Peter Goldsmith (TC02194) was published on 5 September 2012 in which the First-tier Tribunal held that a capital loss was allowable under TCGA 1992 s 253 where...[more]

The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Posted on 6th Jan 2011

Tax reliefs to encourage investment in fledgling trading companies have been available for many years, and the latest incarnation of these reliefs is the enterprise investment scheme. This scheme does not apply to investment by companies; it is directed primarily at investment by individual taxpayers,...[more]

Tax Efficient Extraction of Profits From…

Posted on 6th Jan 2011

Those who operate their business through a private company will normally have had advice at the outset on structuring the company and on the minimisation of tax liabilities for withdrawal of profits.  However, with tax rates and the applicable tax rules for private companies constantly...[more]

Tax Efficient Charitable Giving

Posted on 6th Jan 2011

Over the years, the tax reliefs for charitable giving have been progressively relaxed to the extent that the formalities are now easily satisfied in most cases. From April 2013, charities that receive small donations of £10 or less will be able to apply for tax...[more]

Small Businesses – should you incorporate?

Posted on 6th Jan 2011

Many people assume that being in business is synonymous with running a company. This is not the case. There are actually four alternative common forms of business structure: a sole trader; a conventional partnership (where you work with one or more partners in the business);...[more]

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