Complying with international tax laws

Our advice covers:

  • Complying with international tax laws. We advise on issues to be aware of when structuring international transactions so that they avoid them being treated as ‘evasion’ or ‘avoidance’ by the relevant countries; and

  • Acquisitions/ Disposals. We advise on the tax issues when a foreign business or company is purchased or sold.

As source materials for our advice, we analyse the tax laws in the resident and source countries, tax authority pronouncements and judicial authority decisions on the laws, the bi-lateral double taxation conventions together with the OECD and UN Model Conventions and the Commentary on both Models. We also analyse draft Reports published by those Committees on interpreting technical issues within the Conventions and the OECD/G20 BEPS proposals including the Multilateral and Bi-lateral Information Exchange Agreements and the proposed Common Reporting Standard and the US Intergovernmental FATCA Agreements and Peer Review Reports issued by the Global Forum on Transparency.
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