Our News is individually relevant

We recognise the value of your time and attention and have structured our newsletters to not waste these precious commodities of yours. Our "Smart Newsletter" technology enables us to do two things to ensure the messages you receive from us are short and relevant to you personally:

Firstly, when we create articles and messages, we categorise them according to the list of categories you see on your profile. This means that you can select the categories you feel are relevant to you, and when our newsletter goes out, we will automatically filter out any articles that do not match your category preferences. So, if we have 10 articles in our newsletter, but only 4 are relevant to you, you only receive those 4!

Secondly, when we send our newsletter, we send you just a short "teaser" about each article. This will only take you a few second to read, and based on it you can then decide whether or not to read the full article. Reading the full article is simple, just click on the link provided.

You can update your category preferences now, or subscribe and set your preferences if you are not yet on our list.


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