How to protect your valuables

Perhaps you have received some new jewellery as a result of a recent birthday or other celebration? Here are some quick tips to ensure your valuables are properly protected.

Safe storage

You may wish to keep your jewellery in either a bank safe or in-home safe that has a tool and torch resistant rating of 30 minutes or more.

A safe that is bolted to the floor or home structure is useful as it will be too heavy for any potential burglar to carry. Please check the safe rating before purchasing one to ensure it is suitable for the value of your jewellery values.

Arrange a valuation

If you are unsure of the value of your piece(s), contact a professional appraiser who should be able to tell you the exact value.

When seeking a valuation, find an expert who doesn’t have an active interest in purchasing your items. A good place to start is to select someone who is a member of the National Association of Jewellers.

The NAJ is the UK’s leading jewellery trade association. Every NAJ member abides by the NAJ’s Code of Conduct, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

The Institute of Registered Valuers is part of the NAJ family, comprised of around 150 professional valuers with formal qualifications and substantial experience.

Get your piece(s) added to your insurance

It is possible that your household insurance may not fully cover expensive jewellery. Do consider purchasing a valuable articles policy that provides full protection.

If you already have this type of policy in place, please make sure to add your new piece(s).

How can we help?

SG Chaseside Insurance is well placed to advise on your high-net-worth insurance needs. Please contact us if you need assistance or have any queries.

Further guidance

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