Staycationing? Why you may still need insurance!

 With the weather getting warmer, there are plenty of people getting ready to take a break from the Monday to Friday slog. Although people are looking forward to jumping on a plane to somewhere exotic, there’s an increasing amount of people deciding to take a staycation and explore the UK.

What many may be unaware of is that just because you’re not going abroad, it doesn’t mean you don’t need cover.

Recent studies from Policy Expert have looked into the number of people planning a staycation and the valuables they will take with them.

The results of their research showed a huge 84% of respondents were looking to take a holiday in the UK this summer and also plan on taking an average £676 of valuables along with them.

This is obviously a considerable amount of valuables at risk, but this study has also revealed that only 37% of these respondents have the necessary cover for these items away from home.

In addition to this, the study also found that 1 in 10 respondents have lost valuables – most commonly phones, cameras, wallets/purses and jewellery – to damage, theft or just simply misplacing them while away from home.

It’s not just your valuables you need to think of before planning a trip. While approximately 90% of people take out travel insurance when taking a trip overseas, just under a third of those respondents (32%) felt it was necessary to take out insurance for a domestic holiday, meaning they’d be out of pocket were the worse to happen and the holiday needed to be called off.

Head of Operations and Founder of Policy Expert, Adam Powell said "Wherever you’re holidaying this summer, whether that be on the white shores of the Caribbean or a pebbled beach in Wales, it’s important to ensure you’re properly insured and that your belongings are covered against loss and theft."

So before you start packing your bags in your car, why not have a check of your current policies and exactly what they do and don’t cover. It’s considerably cheap to update your policy to cover you away from home and the peace of mind and potential long term savings are undoubtedly worth it.

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