Top 10 cheapest cars to insure

The cost of running a car isn’t exactly cheap, especially for new drivers that have recently earned their license and are itching to get on the road. From fuel to tax to MOTs, your car can easily burn through a lot of your cash. Car insurance is without a doubt, one of the largest expenses for drivers and we’re always looking for a cheaper deal.

There are plenty of factors that decide the price of your insurance, but the car you drive plays the biggest part. So, if you’re a new driver looking for the cheapest option available or an experienced driver looking to get your costs down, maybe you should take a look at the motors below as we list the 10 cheapest cars to insure.

Make: Peugeot
Model: Partner Tepee
Price Range: £15,295 – £19,680
If you’re looking for something spacious and with cheap insurance, the Partner Tepee is for you. This five to seven seater is quite economical to run from day to day, however, the upfront cost is by far the most expensive on the list.


Make: Smart
Model: ForFour
Price Range: £11,620 – £15,825
This five door smart car is great for getting around the city and does seat 4 in spite of its small stature. Like the Tepee it’s one of the more expensive cars on the list, but is fairly low cost to run, however, unlike the Tepee, this car isn’t the best for long trips.

Make: Skoda
Model: Fabia
Price Range: £10,750 – £18,025
The Skoda Fabia is a great practical choice and offers value for money and a surprising amount of interior space. It’s not the cheapest on the market, but comes with plenty of features that make the slightly higher price worth it.
Make: Vauxhall
Model: Corsa
Price Range: £9,595 – £17,825
Arguably one of the most popular cars on the market, the Vauxhall Corsa is still a very efficient runner and the latest model is quite powerful for a 1.0 litre engine.

Make: Renault
Model: Twingo
Price Range: £9,495 – £13,445
Another great car for getting around the city, the Twingo is quite stylish and perfect for those who like something customisable, but like most cars built for the city it doesn’t fare as well once you hit the motorway.

Make: Hyundai
Model: i10
Price Range: £8,995 – £13,045
Continuing the small but efficient trend of this list is the Hyundai i10, regarded by many as one of the best in its class, excellent value for money and a great all round performer.

Make: Volkswagen
Model: up!
Price Range: £8,975 – £13,725
The Volkswagen up! is very similar to the previously mentioned i10 with its price and strong reputation as one of the best city cars around. Where it differs to the i10 is its favour for performance over practicality.


Make: SEAT
Model: Mii
Price Range: £8,440 – £11,995
The Mii could be viewed as the cheaper version of the Hyuandai i10 and Volkswagen up!. While it offers the same solid performance and practicality as most good city cars, it does lacks some high-tech features such as an infotainment touchscreen.


Make: Skoda
Model: Citigo
Price Range: £8,275 – £11,120
The 2nd cheapest car on the list and hailed by many as the best car for getting around the city. The Citigo offers great reliability and performance, but as expected with its lower cost, it doesn’t come with many thrills.


Make: Dacia
Model: Sandero
Price Range: £5,995 – £9,795
The Sandero is one of the cheapest cars in the UK and quite popular with buyers today. It comes with all the basics and a surprising amount of room and while the Sandero doesn’t top the list for performance, you would struggle to find better value for your money.

(Data sourced from Auto Express)
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