First leg of the trip… Mexico City! | Nick Weller’s Travel Diary

Associate Partner, Nick Weller, is currently on a 3-month sabbatical, travelling and volunteering across Latin America and Africa. Whilst on his travels Nick will be providing regular updates on what he and his partner have been up to, which we will then share in various entries of Nick’s Travel Diary!

First leg of the trip – Mexico City

We enjoyed a quick breakfast in Mexico City with our tour guide Alberto, who helped us arrange volunteer work with local businesses.

After that we painted these boats before taking them down the Mexico City canals.

We then helped the local hot air balloon companies and then went on a trip over the pyramids.

As you can see it was a bit high up!

Where to next?

Stay tuned for the next entry as Nick moves across Mexico and then onto the Galápagos Islands!

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