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Resources – Why should I hire an interim?

Our approach to Interim is refreshingly different, due to the diverse background and business experience of our consultants, we have the necessary skills to adopt a proactive approach with our clients, helping them identify circumstances when a shortterm interim appointment would be beneficial to their organisation.


Why should I hire an Interim?

The right circumstances for hiring an Interim can include periods of transition and change within an organisation, such as restructuring, acquisition, privatisation, start up and closure or the sudden departure of a key executive. At times of crisis, or where a business needs to bring in capability or capacity, an interim appointment can stabilise and refocus a company so that it can better move forwards in the future. A common misconception is that Interims are consultants. An Interim is a hands-on flexible addition to your workforce that is charged with the responsibility for a specific role, to implement the tasks and deliver tangible results.


Benefits of hiring an Interim

These are some benefits that an Interim can bring to your business:

  • An extremely cost effective alternative to the commitment of a full time position, restricting fixed overheads
  • Provides an additional, specialist internal resource
  • Brings a fresh objectivity and perspective to a task
  • Can bridge the gap when a senior executive leaves a company until a replacement is recruited
  • Specialist key skills set, knowledge and experience
  • Meets short-term requirements
  • Attracts high calibre candidates who enjoy the excellent work-life balance that interim assignments offers


How could we help you?

We use our in-depth understanding of the drivers and issues within the marketplace, our extensive network of contacts and our specialist database to source the best candidate for each position, tailoring our approach to meet each client’s specific requirements.

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