How can we help?

Whether you need bank funding for growth, support when times are more challenging or just the peace of mind that the deal fits, we can advise you on:

Raising new debt

We can provide advice on the most appropriate structure to meet your business needs, bank appetite and the information you will require to proceed.

Renewing existing debt facilities

We can provide advice as to whether your current arrangements wholly meet your needs and other options you may have. Reviewing pricing, terms and conditions (including financial covenants and security).

Monitoring debt facilities

We can provide guidance to help you effectively monitor your facilities to ensure continued bank support.

Banking operations

We can provide advice on efficiencies and cost savings in areas such as Service Charges, Payments and International support. As a result of our advice should you require us to manage any of the above on your behalf to ensure you secure the best deal then let us know. We are experienced in identifying specific funding options, producing business plans, forecasts and sensitivities, negotiating competitive terms, covenant criteria and security requirements.
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