Client Testimonial – Corporate Media Partners Limited

“Our business has changed significantly over the years having faced numerous challenges, during these times Simmons Gainsford have always been very supportive. Their team relates well to us, and they take the time to understand the business and its journey.

Our shareholders like to try out different ideas, which the SG team always take in their stride, they ask the relevant questions and are not afraid to challenge or disagree, not least because their technical knowledge is second to none, all the while remaining focused on the broader objectives of the directors and shareholders.

The audit team on the ground is also very good and communicative, they always take the time to listen, explain and understand. And having continuity with the team, which is an important factor for me, helps to ensure that we have a very good two-way working relationship. All in all, we really do feel as though we’re in safe hands.”

Meloney Wiltshire-Payne – CEO/Finance Director at Corporate Media Partners Limited


About Corporate Media Partners

Corporate Media Partners Limited is a group of companies which includes Thomson Directories – a local business telephone directory established in 1981 which was the principal rival to the Yellow Pages.

Fast forward to present day and Thomson Directories is a fully digital business directory and marketing service business, connecting millions of customers with local businesses each and every month.

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