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Posted on 26th Aug 2016 - Share this blog/article

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SG Credit Management offers a complete credit management service that ensures that outstanding invoices are collected quickly and efficiently whilst protecting your reputation and your client relations.

Businesses using this service usually enjoy a reduction in outstanding debts of 30% after 3 to 6 months of operation. In some cases this figure has been as high as 65%.

As your company turnover increases SG Credit Management’s proactive approach will ensure their service keeps in step with the requirements of the service. That way SG Credit Management is able to ensure that the 30% improvement is maintained above typical ‘In-house’ credit control results, as your company grows.

For a business with £1m t/o a 30% improvement would mean over £180k extra useable cash in the bank.

SG Credit Management also provide a debt recovery service to collect problem debts on a no-collect, no-fee basis with no up-front charge, they can even add fees in most cases so that your debtor covers all costs.

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