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Credit Control Services

“SG Credit Management’s service, manages to get our bills paid promptly whilst maintaining healthy customer relations. This allows us to focus on our core business in the knowledge that our cashflow is under control.”

Credit Control has been a part-time role at one of our clients, and had been looked after by the office manager with most contact being via email. As the office manager had other key responsibilities, credit control often did not receive the attention it required and customers tended to ignore the reminder emails sent. This affected cash-flow in the business and key staff were distracted from core business by becoming involved in collection activities.


SG Credit Management (SGCM) carried out a review of the full order to cash process with the client and helped implement key improvements to the process. A managed Credit Control Service was set-up with SGCM working under the client’s brand. All calls and emails were made and answered in the client’s name, so that the outsource was completely invisible to the customer. New systems were introduced so that reminder emails could be sent automatically to reduce administration in Credit Control. This meant that the Credit Controller’s time could be focussed entirely on speaking to customers by phone. The SGCM service was set up to make pro-active calls one day each week, but to respond to customer queries full-time.

Effectively the client gets the benefits of a full-time professional credit control department at a fraction of the cost. The service has now been running for over 2 years using the same SGCM Credit Control Manager. Strong relationships have been built with the client and their customers to the level that the service is now an integral part of the business.


  • Improved cash-flow
  • Improved customer relations with more personal contact and queries resolved quickly..
  • Reduced bad debt
  • Sales ledger kept accurate as allocation issues resolved quickly
  • The client is able to focus on their core business

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