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Gibraltar is a modern International Financial Centre which (through the UK) is within the EU and benefits from EU directives making it an attractive location for cross border investment. Gibraltar also benefits from being able to passport services into other EU states making it a popular location for businesses to have their headquarters.

With its present status within the EU, Gibraltar-licensed banks, investment services firms, UCITS, insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance mediation firms benefit from access to the single European market. The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the EU may impact on Gibraltar’s ability to continue with this right but the effects will not be fully known until an agreement with the EU is agreed.

Gibraltar is also deemed a "white" listed territory by the OECD as it has signed numerous tax information exchange agreements. Our teams work closely together to ensure joined up thinking in relation to all of a business’s affairs, including the interaction with the private affairs of business owners.



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