VAT Services

Ours is a generalist practice; we advise across the whole range of VAT. Our work ranges from brief ad hoc advice on VAT liabilities to large projects such as, for instance, historic repayment claims, negotiating partial exemption methods to maximise recovery of VAT on costs and negotiation with HMRC to help clients put right past errors.

We pride ourselves on our ability to maximise the scope of VAT reliefs by means of detailed analysis and careful presentation to HMRC. This approach has yielded considerable benefits in relation to residential developments.

Whilst our advice can cover any area of VAT, we have particular strengths in relation to the VAT treatment of development and construction; healthcare; reliefs for charities and research ; insolvency; investigations and disputes; cross-border transactions; and the drinks industry.

We are particularly comfortable working with fellow professionals. We regularly advise a number of accounting firms and solicitors in connection with their client service.
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