Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers of companies of all sizes have certain personal liabilities with the fiduciary duties of their position. When directors are accused of breaching these duties, actions brought can have far reaching consequences. Directors of limited companies do NOT have limited PERSONAL liabilities. This cover provides defence and settlement costs and legal representation costs at investigations, following a Civil Liability arising from the wrongful act of a director.

Cover is provided up to a set limit of indemnity usually In the Annual Aggregate during the policy period. Cover can extend to include Advancement of Defence Costs , Joint Property Liability, Outside Directorships, Pollution Defence Costs , Extended Reported Period (option to extend the reporting period by 12 months if renewal is not offered) – Up to the limit of indemnity.

Here are some examples of claims stories settled by insurers with whom we work.


SGIS regards this as fundamental protection to be included in your insurance portfolio.

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