How can you make sure your claim is accepted?

 Making a claim on your insurance is understandably a stressful time and when those unfortunate scenarios do arise, it may be easy to lose track of things and feel unorganised. Sadly, claims are rejected more times than you may think, however, there are a few steps you can take before an incident occurs that can help.

Find the right policy for YOU
One of the best ways to make sure a claim is accepted is by choosing a policy that actually covers your needs. There are plenty of comparison sites out there and in today’s world it can be incredibly tempting to simply just look for the cheapest policy you can find and call it a day. However, the cheaper policy is usually cheaper for a reason, so while it’s important to also not to overpay, you need to focus on finding the policy that is right for you, so that you have peace of mind knowing you’re covered for all eventualities.

By having a broker working on your behalf, searching the market and advising you on YOUR needs, will remove the uncertainty of relying upon off the shelf products. One size does NOT fit all.


Read through all the details carefully
Following on from this, if you think you’ve found the right policy, before making a purchase you must remember to not just glance over the finer details of the policy. There are plenty of claims that get rejected due to policyholders not reading the small print. Don’t get caught out, take some extra time to go over any documents in detail, it may take more time up front, but could save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Be honest about everything
As clichéd as it may sound, when it comes to taking out an insurance policy, honesty really is the best policy. Don’t be economical with the truth because you think it will save you cash up front. This rule applies to everything from car insurance and notifying insurers about modifications to your car, to health insurance and disclosing information on any previous medical conditions you may have suffered from. If you don’t provide an insurer with all the information, then the process of making a claim becomes much more complicated.

Keep everything up to date
Providing insurers with all the information is a great habit to have as you really should continue to do this even after you’ve taken out a policy. If there are any changes to your lifestyle that could affect your claim such as a new job requiring you to be on the road, your car insurance policy may not cover you for business purposes, so make sure you keep your policy up to date.

Document as much as you can
One of the final steps to take that can help any potential claims is collecting evidence. This tip is especially true for policies such as contents insurance. If you have to make a claim, the more you can prove, the more credible your claim will be. If you’ve made any considerable purchases, it’s good practice to keep hold of receipts and any documentation that shows proof of purchase. It can also be beneficial to take photos of your belongings as not only does it prove you own it, but also shows the condition of the item if something were to happen to it.

If you want to make sure that your claim is accepted, the key is to be honest and organised. These steps we’ve listed may take some time out of your day, but they can offer real peace of mind and potentially save a large amount of money if the worst were to happen.


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