How to make sure your digital assets are secure

As modern life has taken over, more and more of our day to day lives takes place via a gadget or the internet. However when you do all of your weekly shopping, banking, bills and everything else online, you leave yourself open to a number of risks. Here’s how you can protect your online assets.

• Sharing a password across all your logins is a huge mistake. For example security on social media is always poor when compared to banks, but once a hacker has your one password, they can access everything you use.

• If your device broke in the old days, you might have lost a few files or pictures, which is tragic in itself. These days if a device breaks, you stand to lose personal details, photos, logins and passwords, access to your bank account and much more. Backing up your files on an external hard-drive or a virtual storage cloud will not only protect your files, they will allow you to download all your apps, layout and preferences onto a new device.

• Try to find the right balance with your passwords. Don’t use the same word for every login, use a mixture of numbers, symbols and letters, but make them memorable. If you need to write it down then it’s not secure.

• Some websites will force you to create a security question, on others it is optional. Always make sure you take the option to create security questions or to take the “code sent to your phone” option.

• When transporting your devices around, use unassuming, unbranded cases so that potential thieves can’t guess what is inside.

• Never save your personal information on a public or work computer as it can be easy for others to access your details. Always logout of your accounts and do not save login information.

• Keep your antivirus software up-to-date. It’s possible to set it to auto-update, meaning you have all the latest definitions and defences against possible viruses or intrusions.

• When buying online, always make sure you pay through trusted payment processors like PayPal or Google Checkout. This way you can be confident the vendor is legitimate and you know your details and payments are protected.

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