Most common types of car insurance fraud

 Car insurance fraud is becoming an increasingly lucrative and popular crime for criminals. As long as they can make it appear like an accident, they can potentially claim thousands from your misery. In fact, fraudulent insurance claims cost the insurance industry £1.5 billion in claims every year, which adds 5% onto the honest driver’s insurance premiums. Forewarned is forearmed so below are some of the most common frauds currently doing the rounds.

Rear end collision with a cunning twist
This is a classic piece of insurance fraud. The fraudsters would suddenly stop, causing you to smash into the back of them. They could then claim insurance. However that had the flaw that they’d need a convincing reason for the stop that made it look like an accident.

Insurers have named the new version “swoop and squat”. There are three cars involved; yourself and two fraudsters. The first car will position itself in front of you. The other fraudster will then cut across in front of you both, causing the front car to break suddenly and you to crash into the lead car.

The other car will speed off before you can catch its details meaning you’ll innocently blame the other car, and they get away with the money.

Just being helpful
There’s been a lot in the news about this scam, but we’re beginning to see a new version beginning to rear its head.

The original version saw the fraudster flash or signal you to pull out of a junction or parking spot before colliding with you and claiming that they never signaled you.

Now there are reports of a version where the victim is looking to merge into traffic, the fraudster lets them in, then crashes into them, denying any knowledge of having indicating you to merge.

The calculated stop
Another team effort, fraudsters will pack a car full of accomplices. They will find their target and pull in front of them, whilst their passengers keep an eye on their victim. Once they see you are distracted, they order the driver to stop, you crash into the back of them, and they claim insurance, saying you weren’t paying attention and you’d be mistakenly inclined to agree.

If you are involved in an accident make sure you do the following:

• Take pictures of damage and injuries.
• Make a note of how many passengers there are.
• Be wary of anyone who seems too eager to offer their services as a witness.
• Call the police if someone is injured.
• Do not settle the issue in cash there and then.
• Calling the confidential IFB cheat-line on 0800 328 2550

If you believe you have been the victim of car insurance fraud, SG Chaseside Insurance Solutions can advise you further on what steps to take.

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