Insurance Solutions December Newsletter

What you need to know about cyber attacks, the biggest cause of car accidents & more

Welcome to the December edition of SG Chaseside Insurance Solutions Newsletter.

This month we’ll be focusing on how much of a problem cyber crime actually is in the UK as well as informing you on what you need to know, we reveal new research that reveals the top causes of accidents behind the wheel and finally the question of, should cyclists have insurance to be on the roads?

How much of a problem is cyber crime in the UK?
In the recent Autumn Statement, Mr Hammond revealed a new five-year £1.9 billion scheme to help prevent cyber-crime in the UK. This new National Cyber Security Strategy is going to be used to tackle hackers and the problems they pose to national security as well as individuals of the public.

Should cyclists pay insurance?
A recent petition was launched calling for changes to road regulations and forcing cyclists to be treated the same as motorists, meaning they would have to pay road tax and hold insurance for protection against road accidents.

Cyber attacks: what you need to know
So what type of attacks fall into the cyber-attacks and hacking category? It’s a wide spectrum. ranging from criminal organisations forming attacks on large businesses, to an opportunistic individual hacking the email account of a member of the general public.

One in four drivers admit to driving while tired
This research was carried out by Exchange and Mart and looked into the distractions for motorists and which distractions are the largest contributors towards road accidents.

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