Simmons Gainsford Insurance Solutions July newsletter

Insurance Solutions July newsletter

How to make sure an insurance claim is accepted, why you can’t trust budget travel insurance, & more

Welcome to the July edition of the SG Chaseside Insurance Solutions Newsletter!

We understand that making an insurance claim is stressful. Something bad has happened in your life, and now you’re depending on your provider to give you a helping hand. Our helpful guide will help make sure your claims are never rejected again.

This month we also question why budget travel insurance might not be all it’s made out to be, we reveal how you can get the best from your home insurance, and we tell you why insurance is still a holiday essential, even if you plan on staying in the UK this summer.

How can you make sure your claim is accepted?

You’re probably going to be stressed enough as it is, without having an insurance claim rejected. With our handy guide, you’ll never be rejected for a claim again.

Why budget travel insurance might be a false economy

Budget insurance can come from all kinds of sources these days, but it’s not always the amazing deal it might appear to be.

How to get the best from your home insurance

A lot of people allow their perception of home insurance providers to prevent them from getting adequate usage from their cover.

Staycationing? Why you may still need insurance!

Just because you’re staying in the country, doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need cover!

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