Simmons Gainsford Insurance Solutions May newsletter

Insurance Solutions May newsletter

How you can take action to protect your business from cyber crime, five ways to protect your home from flooding & more

Welcome to the May edition of the SG Chaseside Insurance Solutions Newsletter.

This month we offer advice on how to protect your business from potentially devastating cyber crime. We will also be examining the different methods for defending your home against flood damage, we’ll reveal the shocking new methods criminals are using to steal vehicles, and we reveal the methods for spotting a tampered ATM.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and find it to be interesting and informative. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

How do I protect my business from cyber crime?

Technology has shaped the modern business world into what it is today, and it’s undeniable that it has had a huge positive impact. However all this innovation comes with its own risks and legal liabilities. Find out how you can protect your business today.


5 ways to protect your home from flooding

Flooding is an emotionally and financially devastating event. These five flood defense methods could help protect you, your family, your home and its contents from flood damage.


How thieves are now hacking high-tech cars

Long gone are the days of smashing windows and jimmying locks. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods for stealing cars.

What needs to be done to secure our vehicles?


As card machine fraud rises, here are the tell tale signs that an ATM has been tampered with

The methods being used by thieves are becoming more high tech. Some of them are harder to spot than others.

But there are methods for spotting tampered machines.


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