Simmons Gainsford Insurance Solutions November Newsletter

Insurance Solutions November Newsletter

Why SMEs need Professional Indemnity Insurance, Five Ways the Government Can Help Honest Drivers, Plus More

Welcome to the November edition of SG Chaseside Insurance Solutions Newsletter.

This month we’ll be focusing on insurance policies that can help you protect your business, no matter the size. We’ ll be discussing why Professional Indemnity Insurance is a must have for all Small & Medium Enterprises, why Cyber Insurance is an important safety net for any modern business, and how Professional Liability Insurance could one day save your business. We’ll also be sharing five ways that the government can make car insurance fair for honest drivers.

A Guide to SME and Professional Indemnity Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance should be considered a vital protection by all Small and Medium Enterprises.

How Public Liability Insurance Could Save Your Business
Accidents can and will happen, no matter the the precautions you take. Public liability insurance protects your business from the fall out.

The Global State of Cyber Insurance
A relatively new product, Cyber insurance can specifically assist with managing and repairing the damage caused by a breach.


Five Ways the Government Could Cut Rising Car Insurance Costs
As insurers report a 16% rise in car insurance, we look at what the Government can do to help out honest drivers.

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