International Women’s Day 2024: Empowering businesses through operational excellence

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke to our client Rachael Gunn about what it means to be an entrepreneur, the challenges she has faced, and her mission to get people to love their businesses again. Rachael runs her own operations consultancy created out of a desire to help overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneurs reclaim control of both their time and lives.

Rachael is the Founder of Rachael Gunn LTD and embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a vision to empower businesses to thrive sustainably by optimising their operations and cultivating high-performance teams. Drawing from a decade-long career in grocery retail, where she navigated intricate logistics and supply chain dynamics, Rachael honed her expertise in driving efficiency and fostering a positive work culture.

“After realising that I had spent my entire 20s chasing the next promotion and a poor-fit company culture was affecting every aspect of my life, I left the corporate world to seek an improved work life balance and avoid the inevitable burnout I had witnessed so many of my colleagues suffer with.”

After witnessing the toll of corporate burnout first-hand, Rachael sought to create a consultancy that addressed the common struggles faced by entrepreneurs transitioning from corporate careers. Many found themselves tethered to their businesses, grappling with overwhelm and sacrificing work-life balance.

Rachael recognised the need for strategic operational structures that would enable entrepreneurs to reclaim control and achieve both professional success and personal fulfilment: “Rachael Gunn LTD was born to help make the entrepreneurial dream of freedom a reality through the strategic development of efficient operational business structures and positive company cultures. My mission is to facilitate growth and stability, so that entrepreneurs can move forward with claiming back their businesses and in turn, their lives.”

Rachael’s business offers a range of services tailored to enhance operational efficiency and cultivate a supportive work environment. Through strategic process development, documentation, and implementation of tools, Rachael and her team equip clients with streamlined workflows and effective delegation mechanisms. This empowers team members to perform their roles autonomously, fostering a culture of accountability and driving performance. “It also creates happier team members and, as a consequence, better performance and reduced turnover of staff. Most people go to work wanting to do well, but I believe as a leader you have to set them up for success in their roles.”

While Rachael acknowledges the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur, particularly in navigating the multifaceted responsibilities of her role, she emphasises that gender-related obstacles were not prevalent in her current industry. However, she highlights the importance of outsourcing tasks and embracing flexibility to streamline her workload and prioritise tasks aligned with her strengths: “I’m glad that I’ve learnt now to outsource areas I don’t love working on, either to someone in my core team or to an outside service. This provides me with much more clarity, and I can concentrate on aspects I love, and I know I am good at.”

Rachael is a strong advocate for flexible working arrangements and believes that by fostering a culture of autonomy and proactive workload management, the wider business community can support the wellbeing and professional growth of all team members, regardless of gender: “One of the biggest things we are committed to, both internally and for our clients, is creating an operational structure that facilitates and actively supports flexible working. From our perspective, we don’t have specified working hours or location requirements. Everyone is given their responsibilities, and clarity on what success looks like. We structure our service delivery and internal communication so that our team can better balance their work and home lives.”

When asked how businesses can better support and empower women in leadership roles, Rachael said: “Lead by example. Putting in place flexible working and policies that support your team’s wellbeing is one thing but weaving them into how you operate and actually living by them is another.”

In terms of success stories, clients often commend Rachael and her team for providing them with newfound time and peace of mind, enabling them to step away from their businesses without sacrificing productivity. Notable achievements include facilitating extended periods of leave for clients while maintaining operational continuity, a testament to the efficacy of the consultancy’s approach.

Looking ahead to the future, Rachael aspires to continue fostering a renewed passion for entrepreneurship among her clients by empowering more individuals to create businesses that align with their life goals: “Entrepreneurship is a tough game, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding one. I want to help more people fall back in love with their businesses again!”

Launched in May 2020, Rachael Gunn LTD is an operations consultancy built out of a desire to help overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneurs reclaim their time, and their life. Find out more at: Home | Rachael Gunn

With years of corporate leadership experience in the fast-paced industry of grocery retail, Rachael’s area of expertise is in the strategic development of efficient operational business structures to facilitate growth and stability while creating a positive company culture. Find out more at: (25) Rachael Gunn | LinkedIn

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