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Procurement Services

Most businesses accept that they could purchase their overheads better. The reasons they do not do anything about it vary, but they follow a common theme:

  • Not enough time
  • Not high enough priority
  • Insufficient market knowledge.


Most cost-reduction consultancies ask for 50% of your savings without considering a long-term partnership.


Simmons Gainsford Procurement Services in partnership with Purchase Direct have developed a methodology that will work for you, and that’s guaranteed:

  • A return that often exceeds 10 times your investment
  • A sustainable service able to deliver year on year
  • A partnership with your in-house stakeholders and suppliers alike.


We understand that you are the customer and that the lion’s share of the savings must go to you. Our charges are based on the work we do for you, not on the savings you make. We have customers saving 25 times our fees and that makes us proud and our customers VERY happy.

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