ESOS - Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations (2014)

ESOS is an energy assessment scheme that is mandatory for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria and is administered by the Environment Agency.

Simmons Gainsford Procurement Services (SGPS) is ideally placed to cover all steps and to provide you with complete support to be ESOS compliant. Our programme is structured around the actions which need to be taken in order to ensure ESOS compliance.

Who does ESOS affect?

You qualify under the ESOS Regulations if on 31 December 2014 your organisation either:

• Employs 250+ staff


• Your annual turnover exceeds 50m Euros and

Your balance sheet exceeds 43m Euros (Total Assets – Fixed & Current)

Every four years organisations that qualify must carry out a mandatory programme of energy audits undertaken by qualified energy professionals, the results of which must be approved by an ESOS accredited Lead Assessor.

ESOS Requirements

There are 5 steps to complete in order for you to comply with ESOS.

1. Appoint an ESOS lead assessor.

SGPS has an ESOS accredited Lead Assessor and are therefore in a position to offer

an excellent value ESOS Service without the need for costly 3rd party consultancy charges.

2. Calculate total energy consumption.

This must include all energy for your company such as electricity, gas, solid fuels, petrol, diesel, solar generated etc. SGPS will liaise with your accounts department and your suppliers to compile this information.

3. Identify areas of significant energy consumption.

At least 90% of your total energy consumption must be reported on in detail; through a sample of audits which cover your estate.

4. Have a representative sample of your sites audited.

SGPS’ Lead Assessor will discuss your estate with you, selecting the ideal sites for auditing, ensuring that you will be compliant with ESOS; while keeping your audits to a minimum. Remember that you will not need to audit all of your sites.

5. Notify the Environment Agency.

Once you are compliant with ESOS, an ESOS notification of compliance must be submitted to the Environment Agency. The deadline for this submission is 5th December 2015. While SGPS cannot make the submission on your behalf we will provide you with answers to questions relating to your ESOS evidence pack and provide support during your submission. Beyond notification, records must be kept to support your ESOS compliance in the case of an audit by the Environment Agency.
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