Utility Procurement & Monitoring - Controlling your carbon footprint

Few businesses like to deal with utility purchasing in house, the big utility companies are unresponsive, inefficient and take every opportunity to overcharge. On the other hand, utility brokerages are unregulated and can be equally difficult to deal with.

Simmons Gainsford Procurement Services’ (SGPS) combined utility purchasing, monitoring and energy management service is designed to deliver lower utility costs, control of expenditure and carbon reduction across your business at a fair cost.

Good utility purchasing strategy is only visible after the event; a quick glance at the long-term gas trend demonstrates the utility market’s volatility. Our approach is to identify your attitude to risk and choose a strategy that fits with this, combining our market knowledge with the many contract options now available.

Clearly though, in order to take advantage of market lows you need to be in control of your contracts and supplies so you can act promptly.

In order to do this you need efficient utility estate management, an area where we excel. SGPS do not just focus on writing your contracts, equally important is ensuring you get good customer service. Our in house customer service team work to a negotiated service level agreement to deliver an effective interface with the suppliers.

Accurate and timely monitoring and reporting are essential in calculating the effect of energy management programs. Without the tools to measure and report on gas and electricity consumption no energy management program can deliver effectively.

SGPS provide bespoke metering solutions able to:

  • Report real time or next day

  • Calculate kwh, £cost or CO2

  • Compare usage against any measured metric

  • Proactively push reports to key managers

  • Set targets and compare locations

  • Measure gas, electricity, water and oil consumption

Once metering has been installed we target reduced CO2 consumption through Energy Management.

SGPS organise programs of energy audits and workshops to build staff awareness and identify energy champions on site.

In addition, the surveys identify a program of no cost, low cost and investment programs your business can work through to deliver reductions in cost and carbon emissions in line with government initiatives such as the carbon reduction commitment. Naturally, we fill out the paperwork for you.

Our services are designed with your business in mind and we are happy to tailor them to your business’ requirements.
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