World Environment Day 2024: Cultivating a greener future through community and education

In celebration of World Environment Day, we spoke to our clients Christabel Reed and Ruby Reed about the transformative potential of ecosystem restoration. Christabel and Ruby are the founders of Earthed – a charity and nature skills platform building a global community learning to restore nature and grow food. The platform aims to ignite imaginations and empower real-world action through practical education to restore ecosystems, revitalise communities, and regenerate local economies.

“In an era where environmental degradation threatens the very fabric of life on earth, Earthed emerges as a beacon of hope and action.”

Founded by sisters Christabel Reed and Ruby Reed, along with their longtime friend Cara Delevingne, Earthed is a pioneering nature skills platform designed to empower a global community to restore nature and grow their own food.

This visionary  initiative operates under the umbrella of the charity Initiative Earth, driven by the belief that practical education and community involvement are key to addressing the ecological crisis.

Breathing life into restoration

Earthed’s mission is ambitious yet profoundly necessary. The platform is dedicated to restoring the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we farm, and the food we eat. It seeks to ignite imaginations and spur real-world action through accessible, high-quality educational resources. By offering practical courses in ecosystem restoration, sustainable agriculture, and community revitalisation, Earthed aims to regenerate local economies and foster a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

The founders’ journey began with the climate action campaign EcoResolution. However, they soon recognised that awareness alone was insufficient. To create futures where humans and nature thrive in harmony, mechanisms enabling people to transition from awareness to action were essential. Thus, Earthed was born, a platform that not only educates but also mobilises and supports community-driven environmental initiatives.

A platform for change

Earthed’s platform operates on a donation-based model, allowing members to access a wealth of nature skills courses, community forums, and live events.

This inclusive approach ensures that financial barriers do not hinder participation. Donations support the platform, its teachers, and their projects, while also contributing to an Action Fund. This fund is a critical component of Earthed’s strategy, providing members with the resources needed to launch and scale their own local environmental projects.

By removing obstacles such as lack of skills, networks, and funding, Earthed fosters a mass-mobilised, peer-driven movement for ecosystem restoration. This decentralised approach is essential in addressing the global scale of environmental challenges.

Raising awareness

Earthed’s core focus is on ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture. With 60% of Earth’s ecosystems degraded and wildlife populations plummeting, the urgency of their mission cannot be overstated. By 2030, global efforts must restore one billion hectares of land to balance the climate, regenerate biodiversity, end poverty, ensure food security, and improve health.

The platform serves as a hub for local action, providing individuals everywhere with the knowledge and tools needed to restore their environments. The community-driven nature of Earthed ensures that solutions are not only scalable but also tailored to local needs and conditions.

Celebrating early successes

Since its launch in June 2023, Earthed has rapidly grown, boasting over 3,000 members and offering 21 practical courses on nature restoration and food growing. Members actively engage with these resources, practicing new skills and sharing their progress within the community. This collaborative learning environment fosters a sense of collective achievement and empowerment.

Looking ahead

Earthed is continually evolving, with new initiatives and courses regularly introduced to address pressing environmental challenges. Upcoming courses will cover a diverse range of topics, from river restoration and coral reef conservation to urban agriculture and soil regeneration. Each course is designed to equip members with the skills needed to make a tangible impact in their communities.

One of the most anticipated events is the Earthed Summit, scheduled for October 2024. This gathering will bring together leading voices and practitioners in nature regeneration, providing a platform for sharing insights, forging partnerships, and inspiring further action. Tickets for the summit will be available this summer, promising an event that is both informative and transformative.

The mission of Earthed is to enable people to restore ecosystems and revive communities around the world. By 2032 we want to have ignited 1 million people to be actively participating in restoring their local ecosystems. Earthed invites everyone to join their growing community and take part in this global movement for ecological restoration in the belief that everyone contribute to creating a future where humans and nature coexist in harmony. Find out more at: Learn to Grow your Nature Skills with Earthed

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