World Mental Health Day 2023: A mission to impact the lives of millions through mindfulness and consciousness

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, we spoke to our client Simon Hampel about the importance of helping people adapt to mental and emotional change. Simon is a Founding Partner & the CEO of SARSEN, a Certified B Corp organisation that aims to harness human energy, technology, and profound wisdom in order to fuel personal development.

Why do you exist and what is the SARSEN mission?

“SARSEN is here with the ambition to impact the lives of 100million people through the exploration of mindfulness practices and consciousness. We were founded on the core belief that the combination of wisdom, integration and action will enable us to address the enormous problems and opportunities that lie ahead for humanity.

There is no doubt that we live in times of profound change and disruption. It has become obvious how we as humans, our systems and institutions are currently not able to cope with the global challenges that we face. If we want to create positive systemic change, we need to fundamentally shift the way we are operating (from the inside out) on an individual level and as a collective.

This work has taken many forms to date but the most prominent is Light, which is our mindfulness app and programme.”

What is it that drives SARSEN and its related initiatives?

“Change drives SARSEN. The fact we can already see the benefit of the work we do both internally and with our clients tells us that what we are doing is needed – not just enjoyed.

We work alongside some of the world’s largest organisations (such as Google and Accenture) as well as Not-For-Profits and rapidly growing start-ups. Each time, the message we hear is consistent.

Investing in people’s wellbeing, their health and their mental health has a huge positive impact at all levels. This impact isn’t just in the bottom line, this is improving retention, expanding collaborative work across departments, and creating workplaces that are incredibly creative.”

What does Light do, and can you tell us the story behind it?

“Light is our mindfulness app and programme.

It all begun with a large group of people meeting regularly to explore new mindfulness practices. It became clear that there was a huge interest to explore some of these practices further, to seek out more experts and an urge to find a way to share this with more people.

Today, Light is an online programme designed to help teams and individuals get the best from their days. We do this using our Mindfulness Circuits where we combine 3 practices in a short period of time (starting at 3 minutes and going up to 33 minutes). The practices we include go beyond meditation and explore sound, breathwork, tapping, movement and much more and by doing so become more inclusive and lower the barrier to entry for many who may find sitting down to meditate very challenging.”

How does Light contribute to helping people adapt to mental and emotional change?

“The tools within the programme are designed to help you deal with challenges you face through the day both at home and at work. This starts with our ‘Light Check-In’ where we encourage everyone to take a moment to share how they are feeling today at the start of a meeting, bringing in some humanity to what can often be a transactional environment.

We encourage people in the app to record how they are feeling before and after their practice and over time this helps to become more aware of what might be triggering those emotions and how to comfortably sit with them.

As the programme develops further, we will bring in more data points, more practices and more targeted Mindfulness Circuits that are designed to help with specific events in life and in the workplace.”

How does SARSEN look to raise awareness of mental health and drive positive change?

“We’re continuing our work with not-for-profits and expanding our own number of clients too. We know that as we scale and grow this platform will give us an opportunity to impact more lives and introduce people to new ways to care for their mental health.

We aim to impact the lives of 100 million people – some of those will be directly via our app, workshops, and retreats but many of those will be people in organisations that have chosen to make changes to operate in a better way, in a more conscious way and in a way that encourages creativity, expands our capacity, and creates community.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all took mental health as seriously as our physical health and saw our practice as something that we should be building into our daily or weekly schedule just like going to the gym or for a run.”

How does your B Corp Certification fit within the SARSEN values?

“We are incredibly excited about being B Corp Certified as it holds us to be accountable for how we operate. Within this commitment, B Corp look at how we operate in 5 key areas: Staff, Environment, Customers, Community and Governance. Each one of these areas are vital for the future of our business but most importantly, our people.

We firmly believe that some of the legacy approaches to operating are outdated and that by joining the B Corp community we are promising to work towards a better world for everyone. A world where we feel good, smile more, and are more conscious.”

Having experienced a series of powerful awakenings which gave him the insight that growth and personal transformation is something available to all, Simon created the concept of SARSEN. SARSEN exists to create greater connection, balance and harmony between ourselves and the world around us. Find out more at: and

Light Mindfulness Circuit is now available on Apple Podcasts: The Practices: Brought to you by Light: Mindfulness Circuit of Breathwork, Visualisation and Meditation with Emma Chow on Apple Podcasts

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